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Business Indicators

NEK has been in commercial operation from 1983. In this time it has met basic expectations and objectives with regard to safety and stability of operation, competitiveness in comparison to other sources of electricity, and public acceptability. Today NEK belongs among the top twenty-five percent of operational nuclear power plants in the world in terms of nuclear safety and stability criteria standards.

Since 19 April 2003 NEK has been supplying electricity to its partners Gen energija and Hrvatska Elektropriveda in accordance with the Contract between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia on the regulation of status and other legal relations connected to investment in NEK, its exploitation and decommissioning. Each of the partners is entitled to half of the electricity produced. NEK operates on a non-profit basis. Electricity production costs are covered by the two partners.

The cost price, which is competitive in both Slovenia and Croatia and further afield, includes the costs of nuclear fuel, water tax, costs of materials and services, depreciation, insurance, land use, labour and other expenses. The graph below shows the structure of the NEK cost price.

Structure of the NEK cost price

Structure of the NEK cost price