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Copyrights and Intellectual property rights

All information and images (documents, content) published on NEK’s website are the property of NEK and are subject to copyright laws and other forms of protection of intellectual property.

The documents published on this website may be used for non-commercial purposes only and may not be altered, copied, duplicated, republished, mailed or distributed in any other way for commercial purposes.

All reproductions or specimens of the content of this website must retain all stated indications of copyright and other notices relating to intellectual property rights or notices of other rights (© 2005 Nuklearna elektrarna Krško – All Rights Reserved).

The trademarks and service marks that appear on this site are registered trademarks owned or licensed by NEK. Use of these trademarks and service marks is strictly prohibited except in the cases specified by this text.

NEK actively asserts the rights to intellectual property protected by law.