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Krško NPP after Outage at Full Power

On Sunday morning, after the regular outage, which was scheduled to be completed on 5 May, the power plant was already at full power. We are particularly proud of the achievement, as the outage has been implemented in a pandemic situation, which has crippled the economy and logistics infrastructure at global level. The consistent implementation of protective measures added a new complexity to the work process. This year's production target is 5.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electrical energy.

Last year, when there was no outage, NEK exceeded the production of 6 billion kilowatt hours of electrical energy for the second time in the operating period. The half taken by the Slovenian shareholder covered a fifth of electrical energy use in the country and the half taken by the Croatian shareholder covered a good sixth of their use. The Krško NPP is an important producer of climate-neutral electrical energy, as well as the support point of the electrical energy system in the context of the ENTSO-E's European connection and is an essential factor in stabilising the European electrical energy network.


Taxonomy: Nuclear Energy as Part of the Solution to Achieve European Climate Neutrality

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In 2021, Slovenia again among the top twenty in the world on the Energy Trilemma Index

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