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Nuclear and radiation safety

Nuclear safety is based on a whole set of regulations and standards, design solutions, operating instructions, safety culture, training, the work of regulatory bodies and other factors, all of which contribute to the prevention of the release of radioactive substances from a nuclear facility into the environment.

Nuclear technology is the youngest technology for producing electricity. It was introduced in the 1970s as an answer to periods of crisis in the provision of fossil fuels at acceptable prices. The use of nuclear energy requires full adherence to high standards both in plant design and operation.

Ensuring safety at NEK

Safe operation is the most important priority task at NEK. Safety is the key consideration that guides all phases of the plant, such as:

  • design and construction,
  • commissioning,
  • start-up and commercial operation,
  • repair and maintenance,
  • modernisation,
  • treatment of radioactive waste,
  • envisaged decommissioning.

Nuclear and radiation safety