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Longevity for Sustainability

Clean energy source

The largest source of low-carbon electrical energy in Slovenia


Clean energy source

Average annual electrical energy production of 5.7 billion kWh


Clean energy source

NEK produces enough electrical energy to ensure a reliable supply for one million and a half of Slovenian and Croatian homes.


Clean energy source

Our internationally recognized and experienced teams of experts are a basis of trust between the residents and the nuclear power plant.


Stable production for reliable supply of consumers

We indispensably contribute to the effective and smooth operation of the power system.

average yearly electrical energy production
5.7 TW h
electrical energy generated – cumulative
191 TW h
low-carbon electrical energy generation
100 %
of Slovenia's electrical energy consumption is covered by the Krško NPP
20 %
of Croatia's electrical energy consumption is covered by the Krško NPP
16 %

Internationally confirmed excellence per the WANO criteria

Through continuous improvements, we are achieving the highest industrial standards and business excellence.

Operational safety is our priority.

Explore how we produce electrical energy for the uninterrupted power supply of your homes and for the operation of all social systems.

How NEK works

Take a walk around the landscape and discover how NEK and nuclear energy contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of society.

Long-term operation for sustainable development

Annual Report 2021: Upgrades – about 1000 have already been carried out – increase operational reliability and electrical energy production.


Taxonomy: Nuclear Energy as Part of the Solution to Achieve European Climate Neutrality

Interesting fact

In 2021, Slovenia again among the top twenty in the world on the Energy Trilemma Index

Security of supply

Skills and qualifications of the plant employees

Diverse expert teams and integration into the international arena are building blocks of an encouraging working environment.

Working at NEK

Operating crew in the Main control room

Analytical laboratory

I&C measurements

Control room