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Business partners

Business partners

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NEK is ready for the first regular outage in the extended operating period


Annual Report: Even in conditions of great uncertainty in the supply of energy products and electrical energy, NPP retained high operating stability and effectiveness.


Professional training for contractors

All contractors need to pass proper training for safe work at NEK and they must be familiar with the basic information about the power plant and its work processes. They must have the necessary knowledge for safe and unescorted access to the plant.

To meet the requirements indicated above and to obtain relevant access levels to the controlled areas of the power plant, various training programs for contractors at NEK are organised:

General employee training Training for leaders of working groups – first-line supervisors Training in the field of radiation protection Training for the tasks of fire watch Specialist trainings on health and safety at work

The published information and the forms are given for information. The (relevant) requirements and up-to-date revisions of the forms form an integral part of the individual tender documentation or the demand of the NEK.

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