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Achieving Competitiveness

Competitiveness ensures a reliable position in the production of electrical energy and a favorable price of electrical energy for all consumers.

Commercial sustainability and methods for achieving competitiveness, such as high availability, risk assessment and long-term planning of technological upgrades and services, ensure security of supply and competitive prices to the owners and thus competitiveness of the economy, opportunities for investments, and an adequate standard of living for the citizens.

Cost price of energy generation in NEK is competitive with other energy sources. EU’s energy concept by 2050 clearly shows that the scenario with the lowest price of electricity for household and industrial consumers predicts the highest proportion of nuclear energy.

The cost price, which is competitive in Slovenia and Croatia and more widely, includes the costs of nuclear fuel, water use fee, cost of material and services, depreciation costs, insurance costs, compensation for restricted use of area, cost of labour, interest cost, and other expenses.

Structure of cost price of electrical energy generated in NEK

Interesting facts

Production performance

Long-term operation of NEK means sustainable use of space – the existing facility on small NEK area produces large quantity of electrical energy

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Economic performance

The price of electrical energy for households is significantly lower in Slovenia than the European average

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Economic performance

The cost of electrical energy produced by nuclear power plants is highly competitive when compared to other energy sources

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Environment and Climate Protection

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