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Visit us

We are open for prebooked and organised visits.

NEK organises daily visits to the nuclear power plant to allow visitors to see how the power plant works. It receives around 5000 visitors every year. More than half of them are primary and secondary school pupils and university students. Primary school pupils visit the power plant as part of their ‘science day’ activities, while secondary school pupils and students do so within the context of specific subjects. Various societies and professional associations and groups of ordinary citizens are among our other visitors.

To assist us in accommodating our special requirements (i.e. visitor escorting, access authorisation), we ask that you schedule your informative guided tour in advance.

To arrange a visit to the power plant, please contact:

Miran Pribožič – Telephone: +386 7 48 02 186
Ida Novak Jerele – Telephone: +386 7 48 02 364
Fax: +386 7 49 21 006