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We receive around 5000 visitors every year.


About visit to NEK

In order to follow the procedures and better organize the visits, all visitors must announce and coordinate the day of the visit with the Public Relations Dept. in advance.

NEK is open for announced and organised visits.

NEK receives around 5000 visitors every year. More than half of them are primary and secondary school pupils and university students. Primary school pupils visit the power plant as part of their ‘science day’ activities, while secondary school pupils and students do so within the context of specific subjects. Various societies and professional associations and groups of ordinary citizens are among our other visitors.

To assist us in accommodating our special requirements (i.e. visitor escorting, access authorisation), we ask that you schedule your informative guided tour in advance.

Guided tours of the Plant

The Krško NPP organizes guided tours of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK) every business day, except during a regular outage.

The program of the visit can be split to two parts: a presentation of NEK operation and a guided tour by a bus or on foot.

First the visitors watch a movie on the operation of NEK and talk to its representative at our information centre (Kulturni dom Krško in the centre of the town on the left bank of the Sava River). The centre is designed in such a way that the visitors are introduced to various aspects of the operation of the power plant by means of panels, models, and computer simulations.

After having received information at the information centre, they drive to NEK by bus. Guided bus tours of the power plant by a NEK representative are mostly intended for primary school pupils and pupils of the lower secondary school classes and for large groups of visitors.

For groups of up to 30 adult visitors we can organize a guided tour that includes a guided walk in the classical – non-nuclear part of NEK.

To arrange a visit to the power plant, please contact:
Miran Pribožič – phone: +386 7 48 02 186

To be able to enter the plant, you will need:

Please fill in the form and send it to obisk@nek.si in Word form at least 7 days before the agreed arrival.

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