About us
Longevity for Sustainability

About us

Long-term efficient and reliable operation

Our vision

World-wide leader in nuclear safety and excellence

We are aware that only exceptional achievements ensure long-term quality and this stimulates us to accomplish our vision of being a "world-wide leader in nuclear safety and excellence". Our goals are ambitious and we focus on continuous development of work processes, on increasing skills and capabilities of employees, and on constant improvements in the technological and organisational field.

Our mission

Nuclear safety

Always and everywhere, nuclear safety is our primary concern: in working documents, in decision-making, and in our attitude to work.


Competitiveness of the electrical energy produced is ensured through the optimisation of production costs based on the long-term planning of activities, systematic risk assessment and the provision of competitive services.

Critical self-assessment

Critical self-assessment regardless of the results achieved and the process of continuous improvements in all areas are a driving force for progress. We carry out self-evaluations and independent evaluations and transfer operating experience.

Public acceptance

We ensure wider public acceptance through a respectful attitude towards the environment and the local community, stable operation without any events, lawful and transparent operation, and credible management. 

Our values

Principal values

The principal values – safety culture, excellence in relations and comprehensive development of employees – are the starting point of our activities, the basis and the condition for the realization of our vision and mission, and an integral part of all our work processes and relationships. They define the behavioural characteristics of employees and their attitude to the world, business, and natural environment.

NEK employees live by these fundamental values and are recognised for them by the professional public as well as the wider social environment recognise us by them.

Personal values

Our actions are also driven by personal values, such as


Responsibility to the society, the environment, and the economy

Sustainable concept