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Radiation Protection

Radiation protection in nuclear power plants refers to procedures for radiation protection and prevention of contamination. Radiation protection also ensures occupational radiation exposure monitoring, the prevention of the proliferation of radiation sources and measurements in the workplace, measurements of radiation levels in the air and in effluents as well as measurements near the plant.

Chemistry Program

Chemical parameters of the Krško NPP cooling systems are regulated through the chemistry program for ensuring the long-term integrity of equipment and systems, such as the primary coolant circuit, steam generators, nuclear fuel etc. as well as dose limits for occupational exposure. An effective chemistry program is based on chemical and radiochemical analyses.

Number of control rod assemblies
Number of absorber rods per assembly
Total weight of control rod assembly
52.2 kg
Percentage of silver in RCCA – rod control cluster assembly
80 %

Occupational Health and Safety

The Krško NPP system of occupational health and safety ensures a safe working environment and the health of workers. Occupational health and safety are based on the adherence to protective measures by every individual. We follow the highest standards, eliminate occupational risks, supervise works, and require consistent protective measures for all contractors.

Quality Assurance

All employees and contractors are committed to quality assurance that is achieved through appropriate competencies, the necessary qualifications, and work ethics.

Number of primary coolant loops
Number of primary coolant pumps
Electric power of reactor coolant pump motor
5.22 MW
Total mass flow of primary coolant pump
9 t/s
Total volume flow of primary coolant pump
12.6 m3/s