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Vision and mission


In terms of nuclear safety, operational stability and business performance, our aim is that NEK will be classified among the best functioning nuclear power plants in the world. We the staff will do our work with a high degree of professionalism, consistency, commitment, rationality and excellence.

Mission Statement

Our mission is based on responsibility. We make it a reality in the following ways:

  • through a permanent commitment to nuclear safety and the daily implementation of a safety culture which is the inalienable responsibility of all our personnel,
  • by ensuring safe and stable operation in line with state-of-the-art standards,
  • through critical assessment of results achieved,
  • by providing competitive production of electricity in an open electricity market,
  • by providing public acceptability on the basis of a transparent, ethical and positive attitude to environmental factors,
  • by respecting the principles set out in the Contract between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia on the regulation of status and other legal relations connected to investment in NEK, its exploitation and decommissioning.