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The importance of nuclear energy

Nuclear power provides over 10% of the world's electricity and 25% in the EU.

On 31 December 2019 there were a total 441 nuclear power reactors in operation around the world, around 80% of them in developed countries. The position of nuclear energy in the world is fairly stable. In Asia and Russia intensive investment in new capacity is taking place, while in the USA the focus is on life extension of existing nuclear power plants. In Europe, new nuclear power plants are being built in Finland, Slovak Republic, France, Rusia and Ukraine.

One of the key reasons for extending the life of nuclear power plants and for planning new ones is the fact that it is possible to solve the problem of air pollution through increased use of nuclear energy, since this does not release greenhouse gases. Even the permanent disposal of radioactive waste is being dealt with in an ever more rational way. The majority of countries have already solved the problem of permanent disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste. The construction of the first permanent repositories for high-level radioactive waste (Finland, Sweden, USA, Japan, Russia, etc.) is also close at hand.

Nuclear energy will continue to have an important role in the production of electricity in the world. The same applies to NEK, which will remain an important source of electricity for Slovenia and Croatia for the next years.