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People with knowledge

Vedrana and Barbara Vedrana in Barbara,
Reactor Operators

Work in the MCR where nuclear safety is our first priority is responsible and demanding; you must always stay focused and take deliberate decisions. The work provides varied opportunities to prove and upgrade your knowledge and skills as well as develop yourself as a team player.
Alojz Alojz,
Shift Supervisor

Working at NEK means working in a high-technology environment. This brings responsibility and, at the same time, the opportunity for professional and personal growth. I am glad that I work in a team where the contribution of the individual is recognised in the goals achieved.
Krešimir Krešimir,
ISI Programme Engineer

Working in the field of non-destructive materials testing has fulfilled my professional expectations. I have to keep abreast of new discoveries and practices, but this is not a problem because I work in a creative group. We understand and respect each other.
Jože Jože,
Instrumentation Maintenance (I & C) Engineer

I have been employed at NEK since it was built, and there are still at least three reasons why I like working here: because the safety and reliability of operation always comes first, because we invest a lot in the modernisation of processes and equipment, and because employees are given constant specialist training.
Marjan Marjan,
Radiological Survey Engineer

I have been working in the area of radiological protection – responsible for protecting the health of employees and the population at large – ever since I arrived at NEK. Because all work relating to sources of ionising radiation is carefully planned from preparation to execution, I am constantly collaborating with colleagues who are responsible for other activities, which adds breadth to my own professional knowledge.
Milan Milan,
Engineer in the Chemistry Unit

My work in the field of evaluating the corrosion mechanisms of materials and nuclear fuel is dynamic. The use of modern information tools and solutions, constant training and familiarisation with modern technologies also facilitates professional growth. These are some of the reasons I enjoy working here, among good colleagues.
Franc Franc,
Quality Control Lead Engineer

At NEK I check the quality of machine parts and welding. This enables me to consolidate and build on the knowledge I gained as a student. An additional motivation is getting to know many domestic and foreign companies working in the field of nuclear technology.
Ida Ida,

Work in Public Relations, toward meeting the goals of being open, transparent and systematic, is dynamic. Cooperation with co-workers from different professions opens up new horizons for me. New communication tools offer a range of challenges. It is a pleasure to work in a qualified collective being highly committed to the plant.