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I&C Maintenance Engineer

Working in instrumentation maintenance where we ensure proper functioning of measurement and regulation systems in the plant is diverse and dynamic. I often cooperate with other organization units which brings broader views and enables team work. Working in a team that nurtures mutual respect, open communication, and trust is invaluable.


Shift Supervisor

Together with six other shift supervisors, each with a team of operators, we control and operate the technological process of electrical energy production in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. Our job is to make sure that all the activities in the technological part of the plant are approved and we make decisions on the changes of the plant condition at the start up, power operation and shutdown. Shift Supervisor also ensures proper working conditions with the purpose of maintaining a high level of nuclear safety and reaching production goals. It is a great responsibility for all the members of the production crew to control and manage the technological process of electrical energy production; we fulfil it with committed work and constant training.


Radiological Control Specialist

The primary task of radiological protection is to provide the necessary control and protection against radiation exposure to maintain the health of all employees at the plant. We endeavor to minimize radiation exposure of workers to levels as low as reasonably achievable and below the administrative constraints by performing radiation measurements and planning work with different work groups. By controlling the radiological instrumentation and measuring the samples from the plant’s systems and by complying with the strict rules and metrology standards, we ensure the operation of the plant that is acceptable to the environment. Effective communication and the highest level of expertise allow us to reach the objectives pursued.


Independent Safety Evaluation Engineer

I am a member of the team dealing with independent safety evaluation of activities related to production, maintenance, modifications and industrial practice for ensuring safe operations, plant reliability improvements and the determination of areas for improvement. I also participate in the preparation of external international reviews of the Krško NPP performed by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


Public Relations

At the Krško NPP we are aware of being a part of a wider social environment where wider external public directly or indirectly influences our work and therefore by choosing proper communication channels and building an open, transparent, and professional attitude we establish understanding and gain support to our work. It is a pleasure to work in a pleasant work environment with competent colleagues highly committed to the plant.