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After successful completion of the 31st fuel cycle, the Krško Nuclear Power Plant will undergo a regular plant outage

In the Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK), we are finalising the 31st fuel cycle, starting with the reconnection of the power plant to the grid on completion of the outage on 29 October 2019. On Thursday, 1 April 2021, the plant will be taken offline for a scheduled outage which will last for over a month.

We achieved and exceeded the objectives set during the period between the two outages. In full compliance with all the administrative constraints and high safety standards in the field of nuclear energy, the power plant produced 8.569.986,75 megawatt hours of electrical energy, which is 1,84 percent more than planned. Last year, it was the second time in the operating history of the plant that it exceeded the production of 6 billion kilowatt hours of electrical energy; the availability indicator of the plant was 99,6%. With its stability and reliability of operation, it has made an important contribution to the smooth supply of electrical energy. The pandemic has highlighted its indispensability for the functioning of social systems. At the same time, with the exception of last spring months, the work of the Safety Upgrade Projects has been intensively carried out.

We are particularly proud of our achievements, as the pandemic has severely crippled the economy and logistics infrastructure at a global level and added new challenges to the work processes by means of protective measures to prevent the spread of infections.

Outage 2021 – demanding in scope and content in the uncertain conditions of the pandemic

Outage is an extremely intensive and logistically challenging period due to the scale and complexity of the work and the number of contractors – 4000 work orders and about 40.000 outage activities are prepared for this year's outage. Our employees manage and supervise all the works; some 1800 workers from the domestic environment, Croatia and Slovenia, as well as nuclear experts from the international environment will participate in the outage works. The pandemic situation and uncertainties with its development are an additional challenge. The common objective of all of us is the quality of the work performed and good cooperation, which will be the basis for safe and reliable operation of the plant in the next fuel cycle.


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In 2021, Slovenia again among the top twenty in the world on the Energy Trilemma Index

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