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Taxonomy: Nuclear Energy as Part of the Solution to Achieve European Climate Neutrality

Global warming and uncontrolled increase in energy prices are a real concern for the members of the European Union. There is also a growing awareness of the need to be independent of different geopolitical objectives, the need to have a reliable and economically accessible supply that ensures the development of high value-added technologies in Europe. The Krško NPP welcomes the positive and realistic awareness of the EU Member States that have taken the initiative to include nuclear energy in the taxonomy. We are convinced that nuclear projects should also be included in the classification scheme for sustainable financing.

At the Krško NPP, we understand the decision of the European Commission to classify nuclear energy as a sustainable source according to the criteria of taxonomy as a clear message to the planners of energy strategies that the use of nuclear energy can accelerate decarbonisation. At the same time, it sent a message to financial institutions and the private sector that it is worth investing in nuclear energy.

The path to decarbonisation and the transformation of the economy and society in a broader sense is therefore on track: nuclear hand-in-hand with renewables is the right and realistic choice available today or, as EU Commissioner for Financial Services Mairead McGuinness says, the European Union is committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and must use all available tools to achieve this.


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