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Business Culture

The reputation that NEK enjoys both in Slovenia and internationally is based on the operating and business results achieved, founded on the integrity of the entire team, and on competent individuals.

NEK’s reputation and integrity are in the hands of all its employees. This is the result of years of consistently realising our vision and mission. Good, solid relationships, high productivity and the justified expectations of the public are the watchwords for all NEK employees both at work and outside work.

NEK employees strive to maintain a safe, healthy and productive working environment and establish conditions for long-term employment, constant training and stimulating working conditions.

Code of Ethics

NEK employees build relationships on mutual trust and on open, honest, clear and effective communication. We are prepared to accept responsibility, to listen to our colleagues, to cooperate and act positively. We are committed to truth and transparency. We fulfil our tasks and obligations. Our mutual relations are based on respect for the dignity and personal integrity of every member of staff.

Values of success

NEK is an organisation which measures itself against the finest operations of its type in the world – conducting benchmarking against international best practice. NEK employees are the most important ambassadors of the company with whom we realise not only ever higher safety and economic goals, but also all-round excellence. At NEK we are never complacent about our achievements. We are committed to permanent progress, professional work and personal growth. The path we are following is signposted by a clear legal framework, independent controls, constant training, long-term planning of activities and prioritisation of operational safety and stability.

Orientation towards results and quality

As regards operational safety and stability, cost effectiveness and public acceptability, we set clearly defined and measurable short-term and long-term goals. Each of our employees bears part of the responsibility for their achievement and must perform his or her tasks on schedule consistently and with high quality.